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While these 6 Pillars are nothing new, they are the most important parts of your business....

If you are going to evolve & grow, the core structure of your business has to be strong or else you will always be putting out fires, experiencing ‘feast & famine’ cycles, and constantly hustling on the 6 (or 7) Figure Hamster Wheel. 

There are things you need to forget, let go of, or upgrade….

….because they may have gotten you to where you are, but they won’t get your business where you want it to be.

Regularly reviewing how your business operates in each of these 6 areas is necessary.

Many smart, talented, and (previously) successful entrepreneurs have fallen to the many traps that can show up in these 6 different areas of your business.

As you reach new levels in your business, you realize that you need new strategies to experience new growth.

But without doing reviews of what’s really going on in your business, you’ll miss out on opportunities & be blind to hazardous risks that could jeopardize your business.

The truth is that every entrepreneur has a different mix of problems that is currently holding their business back and/or putting their business at risk.

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Discover the 'Six Pillars' You Need to Create a Business That Provides You With True Freedom & Abundance 






There is no single thing that needs attention. It is usually an interwoven set of circumstances amongst all 6 of these Pillars in your business. 

As you read through this guide, you will clearly recognize patterns, symptoms, and opportunities that currently exist in your business…..

….and you will be presented with solutions that can work better for you & your business starting now 

(if you are ready to make that choice, of course)

That being said, entrepreneurs ALL have similar core patterns that either create business growth….

….or are the reason(s) for why you’re not having your “best year yet” in business.

Every entrepreneur struggles mightily with at least one of the 6 pillars that are necessary to create a 7-figure business

Most entrepreneurs are great at 1 of the Pillars and are good with 1 or 2 others….

But in the other half of Pillars….

We are weak at best….

... and in this guide are the lessons learned through those ups & downs as well as the most recent lessons from currently leading the best run, most profitable business I’ve ever had in my life.

You will 
never build a sustainable, scalable, profitable business that gives you freedom if you don’t understand, create proper strategy for,  and execute on that strategy for all 6 of these Pillars.

And here’s the truth that I discovered after making millions by being good at 2 of the 6 pillars…

.....then losing millions by being terrible at 3 of the pillars….

And you will never get to a place where you have the freedom to do nothing in your own business except collect a check if you don’t follow these principles. 

And I do not say that lightly.





Marketing and Lead Generation

How to Magnetically Attract Clients You LOVE (And Who Pay You Top Dollar)


P I L L A R  O N E:

Marketing is the life blood of your business. But many entrepreneurs are still trying to grow their businesses the way they did when they first started: with organic traffic, referrals, networking, and pure hustle. 

But that’s a recipe for staying trapped on the 6 and 7 Figure Hamster Wheel. 

In this section, I’ll show you the ROI Method. This is the revolutionary marketing methodology I’ve been developing over 15 years of entrepreneurship. Collectively we’ve spent millions of dollars in ad spend perfecting this method.

I’ll show you how to become the #1 player in your niche, how to be as well-known and famous as Coca Cola in your industry, and how to unleash an explosion of growth in your business.

And most importantly, I’ll show you to unleash a flood of leads who love you and your message, and how standing in integrity is the best marketing strategy there is.

Jump to the Marketing pillar here:



How to Convert Cold Leads into Cold Cash

P I L L A R  T W O:

Bringing in dozens upon dozens of highly qualified leads who are a perfect culture and values fit is one thing…

...but getting their feet through the door, cash in hand is another. 

In this pillar, I’ll explain the simple but devastating process for carefully showing your leads their problem, and how your program is a powerful solution.

I’ll show you what it means to take a stand for your audience, so you are illuminating the pain your clients are in, not manipulating them with sleazy salesy tactics.

I’ll also show you the concise 4 Step Process you can use on every single sales call (this simple script has helped me close multiple 7-figures in sales).


Product / Service
+ Delivery

How to Create an Enchanting Client Experience That Generates Lifelong Customers


P I L L A R  T H R E E:

In order to keep the clients you’ve fought so hard to get into your business, having an exceptional product experience is key.  

Here, I’ll show you the Painkiller vs. Vitamin test of a great product, and how to use it in your business to increase client satisfaction.

I’ll also share with you the 4 principles for a transformational product that changes people’s lives, attracts high-ticket purchasers, and maximizes the life time value of your customers.

Finally, I’ll show you how to get out of the day-to-day client service of your business, hire out your program’s operation in a way that increase client satisfaction and serves them at your highest level.


Operations & Team

How to Make Your Business Run Like a Profitable, Efficient Machine with Team Members Who Love Their Jobs


P I L L A R  F O U R:

Operations are THE thing that allows you to truly scale a business.

Without having this locked in, you can have all the marketing and sales in the world but you’ll never be able to truly grow because you’ll always be putting out fires and doing most of the work.

I’ll show you how to quickly figure out what you should be focusing on in your business, and what you should delegate immediately.

I’ll show you what it means to truly hire the “right” person, and why you doing things in your business is likely what’s hurting your growth.



How to Weaponize Your Bank Account So You Never Start Over From $0 Ever Again


P I L L A R  F I V E:

Finance is a pretty taboo subject in entrepreneur circles...even though it’s the single most important thing you can focus on to massively boost your profitability.

In this section, we'll dive into:

 How Most Entrepreneurs Make Investments
 Wealth vs. Growth Modes
 How to REALLY think about spending money
 Long Term vs. Short Term Financial Planning and Strategy
 Scaling Profits vs. Scaling Growth
 Types of Revenue in your Business



How to Master the Art and Science of Thinking and Acting Like a Billion Dollar Brand


P I L L A R  S I X:

Mindset is the most important pillar in building a thriving business...and it’s also the hardest to teach.

In this pillar, I’ll show you…

 Why a 7-Figure+ Business is so important
(hint: it’s got basically nothing to do with money)

 What to do if you don’t “know your purpose”

 How to become the entrepreneur who can build an 8-figure business






If we keep forcing ourselves to be the leading, driving force in the Pillars where we personally are “weak”, then we are actively choosing to hold our businesses back from greater success.


(not to mention that we create a ton of stress + headaches for ourselves along the way)

What you’ve probably never seen before is HOW to make all 6 work together….how to utilize all the amazing tools available to us now in 2019 to make serious upgrades (quickly) that can explode the growth of your online business.

And while there may be some ‘growing pains’ implementing these strategies…

... running a business that is strong in all 6 Pillars is so much easier than running a business with one or several ‘weak pillars’.

And the strategy in this guide is geared specifically towards online businesses. If you run your business primarily online, then these ‘6 Pillars of Online Business’ will be incredibly relevant for helping you unlock new growth.

...feel free to read whichever one(s) are in the most need of improving.

This guide is meant to be robust and complete in offering solutions to the most common problems encountered in the 6 key areas of an online business

The Table of Contents,  brief descriptions, and links to each of the 6 Pillars is below.

While I recommend reading up on all of these Pillars & doing it in order….

Let's dive in.

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I partner with Entrepreneurs who are growing multiple 7-figure businesses in the education, marketing and coaching/consulting industries.

After nearly 20 years of Entrepreneurship, I’ve been there and done that… I’ve scaled 7 businesses past 7-figures, with my current business nearing 8-figures. I’ve helped hundreds of others do the same and through my content have reached millions of Entrepreneurs in helping to grow their business while being featured on TIME, Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, Business Insider, MSNBC and many others.

In life, you start to see patterns-- Entrepreneurship isn’t any different. It’s why when I help Entrepreneurs scale, I use The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method for Marketing, along with the 6 Pillars Framework for helping someone scale a business successfully-- and by successfully, I don’t mean just profitable-- I mean one that allows you to be a “human being” instead of a “human doing”, again.

Most Entrepreneurs my company (a team of 40+ brilliant individuals) and myself work with, partner with and advise have found themselves on the 7-Figure Hamster Wheel. They have a lot going for them, however, now there’s too much… From marketing, to sales, operations, delivery, finances and mindset… they need a way to scale, without losing their mind. That’s what we help with.

The reason is very simple: Entrepreneurs, when inside of true abundance are able to access their truest “why” with the enabled power of the 3 currencies: Money, Relationships and Influence. When someone is able to access these 3 currencies, “The Nuclear Effect” occurs, in their business (and life) and they have the ability to solve the problems of the world, with ease and momentum.